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IT Services

On-Site Managed Service

Kent Networks is able to offer you a solution for your IT installation.  We can provide your business with an IT engineer for an hour or a whole day either, once a month, fortnightly or weekly, depending on your requirements at a reduced cost compared to standard IT hourly rates.  


We already have customers who have taken advantage of this service and have greatly enhanced their IT equipment to maximise its potential and, at the same time, avoiding any disasters which could cost your business dearly, not only in downtime but potential data loss as well.  We do not suggest that this service should replace your existing IT maintenance contract but that it can run alongside the same maximising your current infrastructure.


The main advantages are problems can be “saved up” for when the engineer is on-site and the remainder of the time can be used to enhance your existing IT as you wish – i.e. remote user set up, ensuring all software is up to date and PC systems are 'serviced' to ensure they run as efficiently as possible. Other services include checking and configuring the backups, 1 to 1 specific training for your employees, and most importantly expert impartial advice. Your engineer is not selling you anything and has years of experience working with small businesses, he knows what works and what risks to avoid.  You will be able to make truly informed decisions on where your IT is going.

This is a bespoke service and tailored to your exact requirements. You can choose the days on which you require the engineer.  This can be once a week, once a fortnight, or even once a month. Once this is agreed the system is flexible and you can increase or decrease the number of visits as you see the benefits or work pressures dictate.  The agreed daily rate does not alter so you always know up front how much it will cost and can plan accordingly.